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Monday, October 4, 2010

PSA from a patch holder to a non-patch (Civilian)

As I said before you can like the TV show, hell I even watch it for entertainment but for the sake of personal safety DO NOT wear a 3 piece patch if you're not a patch holder. The people who make them even have a discalimer that bullets from actual club memebers are hazardous to your health.

This Douche was captured by Bastards Forum memeber Warrior Chief at a Nebraska swap meet. Complete with pirate style doo rag, Tutel Sr. cock brushstashe and I'm sure wearing a wolf shirt underneath the sweatshirt.


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Crusty said...

The shows producers are just waiting for the day one of their numb fuck fans gets thumped, Then they will have a field day with all the free publicity. I watch the show only to laugh. Like thge white sneakers! WTF is that about? and when they tied Clays hands to the bars with bandannas lol yeah right. Hollywood BS!