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Thursday, October 28, 2010

New HJC SPXN Motocross Helmet

So I've came to a realization in my life, that wearing no helmet or a non-DOT beany are awesome and cool and makes me feel like a dog with his head out the window. But after a low speed crash on my Softail two years ago where all I got was a little road rash on my elbow and knee and numerous friends and brothers who have been seriously injured or killed doing what they love I've decided that a good brain bucket is the way to go. That way my brains won't become splattered on the windshield of some Korean's Hyundai Sonata if the unthinkable happens.

I have for the past few weeks have been drooling over Icon's new Variant Helmet. MX style designed for the road. Icon's website said that the distributer here in Korea is J-Tech which apparently is the company that builds them. knowing that it's within 2 miles of the HJC helmet factory in Seo-ri village in a nice little valley i knew there was no store there but I went anyway. Found out they also build Xpeed brand helmets alongside Icon's helmets.

Well, HJC makes MX helmets so I took back off north and west to Shin-gal (Suwon) to the outlet store to see what they had. The only SPXN they had in XL was the white with black and shiny decals. Pretty spiffy looking if you ask me. I also picked up two sets of Goggles yellow for night time and the smoked for day time use.

The HJC factory had a huge foam helmet with a stage, I take it the Melvin's ain't playing a concert there soon.

I think I kinda look like Dark Hlmet from Spaceballs.

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