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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chanute Air Meuseum, Illinois

I made a stop at the Chanute Air meuseum in Rantoul, Il on my way down to Tennessee.

Teh B-58 Hustler! Four big ass GE J-79 afterburning turbojets push this bastard at Mach +2.3. It was designed for high speed, high altitude, high death by carrying four B-43 (1 Mt yield) or B-63 (340Kt yield) weapons. I dream of planes like this at night.

My most favorite jet fighter in the world... the F-86 Sabre jet. A true gunfighter.

Here's an EB-66 for Scotty... he crewed these pokey things in Vietnam

a US navy AEW super-Connie. This was the first AWACS/dew line radar aircraft.

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Lonnie C. said...

Enjoy the airplane photos, I was Naval Aircrew with VQ2 on the EC121M, EA-3B and EP-3E aircraft. Used to see the RB66's (AF version of the A-3) on many occassions overseas

Chris/Blue Collar Moto said...

Been a long time since I've been to Chanute AFB. Thanks for the pix! For some reason all I remember is all the big cargo planes that were too big to take back off from the short runway at the time. Looks like a real museum now.