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Monday, October 26, 2009

For I am death. The destroyer of worlds.

Now they've gone and done it good. I guess that these here foot covers are officially sanctioned by the factory to wear riding your dark custom.
How gay

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Brad said...

well, they had to replace the Buell line with something...

LUCKY said...

Man I hope those arnt Vans!!!

J-Rod said...

Why would they not do that? It'll sell like hotcakes for them and they get to encroach on a scene years after it's inception. That's what the marketing gurus at Harley do best.

Time for folks to move on to a new trend.

Beaner said...

I say we all go barefoot and wear overalls and straw hats. Or just go naked and wear zebra print snuggies from TV.

MARSHALLovercloth said...

I'm gonna wear a brown polyester
leisure suit with white ankle zipper
Evil Knievel boots.
big thick wide autumn orange neck tie.
I'll be all Rockford Files style
from here on out.

J-Rod said...

I already wear overalls, holmes.

Tom said...