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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Heavyness lifted

This weekend I had to let lose and ride for three days aimlessly around the country. Thanksgiving day I had a black cloud hanging over my head that's been building up for a while and felt the world could just fuck off. Life's been kinda' suck ass with my wife back in the states since October having been diagnosed with stage IV Endometriosis and her surgery coming up on December 5th and I don't have any vacation time to go back for it. So I went to Yongin to the Harley service center to get a new battery for the Doughnut Roller and pointed her south to Waegwan to have my second Thanksgiving dinner on Friday with my brothers down south since they had to work Thursday.

Hangover aside I rolled over to the East coast with Panda and Hawk for a while before they turned back to go home and Prospect Jason from back home in Pyongtaek called and said he was riding out to meet me. We met up north of Uljin and hit the port town Jukbyong of for some fresh steamed crab and Spicy Seafood Stew and spent the night in the not so happening town of Uljin. In the morning I woke up bright as the day it began as over on the East coast. just a slight chill in the air and not a cloud in sight. It wasn't until we got back on the west side of the mountains it became cold and overcast again until we hit Wolaksan National Park before it felt good for November again the rest of the way home.

These past three days on a two wheeled death trap in the freezing cold of the night, wet sand covered twisty ass windy mountain roads, bright morning sunshine lit coastal roads and lane splitting city traffic terror have reset my "Give a fuck circuit breaker".


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