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Monday, April 4, 2011

Garage restaurant

After getting off work and blasting a quick workout at the gym I get home and eat some super delicious fatty ass brisket that Linda cooked up. With nothing else to go with it is fine but I was really hungry and rolled to the 7-11 down the road to get some ramyon noodles and the Opera House restaurant is now open again. I've never been in there but now it's changed themes to a garage rest. And had a tent out front with these cool old cars and faux Lamborghini. Well two of them. One was a VW countache version and the other was a GM Fiero based Diablo.

The food probably sucks and the beer is probably overpriced but I might try it out one night just because the owner likes old American iron.

Pink Caddy

DeSoto Adventurer

1937 Jaguar SS-100

The beetle-tache


The front of the building. It's weird shaped and will have to take a pic of the daytime to get the full effect of the stoner who drew up the plans.

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