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Friday, July 25, 2008

North East Loop around the country.

Since Scott's been here two years and never been to the east coast, I took 3 days to floor him on what the Kangwon province has to offer in riding.

We blasted across the country on hwy 38 all the way to the east coast and stayed at a beach outside of Donghae. After much assorted mollusks, beer, soju and 3 cigars a piece we staggered back to the crappy inn we were staying at to grab a piece of the floor to awaken to cotton mouths and hangovers.

With the sun on our shoulders we streaked up the coast on hwy 7 to where I almost took my friend out with a wayward ignition cover that fell off my bike at 90 mph. It bounced up and wizzed by his head with mere inches to spare. We blasted up into Seoraksan park, God I love riding there, to where I would blast thru the curves as fast as my bike could take me. Where as Scotty was having a hard time riding because he was too busy in awe of the scenery. We made it to the top and said his hand was cramping up (one of many iraq IED injuries). Don't puss out on me now we have hours more hard mountain riding ahead of us. The rest of the day we jetted up to the Punch Bowl, looked across freedoms frontier into North Korea hoping that some nork jackass heard the roar from our bikes climbing the ridgeline on the DMZ. Turned and burned thru the mountains out to the Peace Dam and down into Chuncheon.

The ride home sucked because Monsoon rain hit all the way home. I being the either baddass I am or the biggest dumbass I am rode with no rain gearall the way home. Rain gear only delays when you get wet and keeps the water trapped inside your suit so I own none. No big deal, I just couldn't see worth a shit, I should have carried my 3/4 helmet with the visor since that's all I really need in a summer monsoon anyway (just so I can see where the hell I'm going).





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