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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Went out to Cheongju today to see what's shaking at Shakepiston.

Honda SS 400 getting the full treatment.

Hyosung 125 in works now. Cool but a little light in the displacement.

On the way home I stopped at Mickey Mac's for a Double Quarter Pounder and fries to go. Wanted to get it home and watch some TV while I ate since I haven't had a burger in a couple of months.

Cheonan city. At the stop light up the street on the bike had two drunk dudes come up to me while I am waiting for the light to change just to gawk at my bike and on said "Nice to meet you" and shook my hand. Wierd dudes always amuse me.

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G-Kun said...

Today, my garage coming on
I was really impressed.
We are going to garage move in July 2012. To Cheongju
Then I will invite. Will you come?
Thank you very much.