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Thursday, June 24, 2010

New gun and range time

So my Dad flew down from Chicago to pick up my truck to use while I'm out of the country and we zipped over to Cabella's to go look at some guns. I picked up a new Walther PK380 and Dad bought a little pocket Ruger LCP.380 pocket pistol. I also picked up a Romanian AK but it's that wierd low capacity single stack magazine type so I'm in the process of gunsmithing it right now. Anyway here's the Walther PK380... I love this little gun.

My PK380 with my Glock 30 in .45 ACP.

A work in progress... got rid of the cheap wood sporting stock and forearm with a nice folder and composite handguards with a holographic sight. Still need to do some more work with my die grinder before I can reassemble it.

50 feet target with the Glock. Man this thing is accurate with such a short barrel. I didn't post the target I shot with the new .380 because the whole thing is swiss cheese with me putting 100 rounds into it with my little Walther and Dads little Ruger which my walther was almost as super accurate asd my Glock but with a few mags in the Ruger at 25 feet the rest of the paper was shot up. That little Ruger is a point blank weapon with a max effective range of no more than 15 feet to hit anything.

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Bobx said...

those little rugers are pretty cool. id like to try the revolver.