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Friday, June 4, 2010

More from the road.

Well, I'm in Chicagoland now visiting my Dad for a few days and then I'll be on my way south to Tennessee to my Mom's house on the farm. I was contemplating on just rolling out back to Cali for the Born Free Show since I've wanted to go to it and made plans with Nick and the Haints but well, I blew all my time on doing my own riding to see my wife and hang with her in Bumfuck Mojave Desert California.

Wet Willey for Spock


Bad Ass little kid

The Shoe Tree on US Hwy 50 in Nevada

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J-Rod said...

What part of Tennessee? When are you coming down?

Beaner said...

Paris, TN is where the farm is. I'll be down later this week.

Joshua said...

Hey brother long time no see. Glad you got to make a trip out west it looked like a great time.

That is the first thing I'm doing when I get back on that side of the pond.

Thought about you the other day as I was driving the Chainsaw to my shop. Thanks again for that one, a used motor and she was good to go. You gotta see the pipe on her now ROFL.

Got my sporty chop all back and together I'll sign up for QCB site just as soon as I get a good picture to post.

Much respect from the land of the morning calm.


Beaner said...

Josh, I'm glad the Chainsaw is still being used for aggrevating the korean population.

How's the Rough Rider world wide crew doing?

Hell yeah, Get a good pic and if you had some progress pics of before and during that would be awesome for your intro when Rob looks to approve your entry.

Annah said...

That little kid looks like a little Jesse James in the making. But cuter :) I LOVE CHICAGO. Hope you had fun! And p.s. Is the person in your banner an uglier and tranny version of Johnny Depp? It sure looks that way.

Beaner said...

I love Chicago too annah. Born but not raised there though. My dad and all mi familia still live there.

The banner is a hack job of my buddy and I have a shitload of me in various womens hairstyles throughout the decades from the yearbook me thing from the interwebz.