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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pancho run Ghost town

Someone was here long before me out in Searless Valley in Ballarat just south of Death Valley.

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Anonymous said...

if your in NM im in clovis hit me up!!


Ch33 BFMC prospect

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Beaner said...

I passed thru but I was too tired to do much of anything when I went thru Clovis. My old club brother D., his old lady Jules and I went to fat daddy's or big daddys for some dinner and a couple of beers and I went to bed before 9 pm. I was still fighting jet lag from Asscrackistan and rolled out early the next morning for Colorado. I'll pass back thru in a couple of weeks on my way back east.

Anonymous said...

cool hit me up when your here 575-749-0685

Big__AL said...

That was MY sticker!!! I went through there last summer, retracing the Easy Rider Trip!!! I did 15,000 miles!!