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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Down in the Philippines

Went down to the P.I. to get away from the cold of Korea for a long weekend. Hug out in Manila where my Brother Deacon's and my wife wasted our money in the malls and mailed back boxes and boxes of stuff from the Fleet Post Office at the Embassy. Deacon, Daddy Ron and I went up to Angeles to hang with our Philippine Boozefighter Brothers... All in all it kicked major ass, I love the P.I. and wish I could have a house and a bike down there. Maybe when I have enough scratch saved up I'll disappear from the world and live out the rest of my days in paradise.


Trikes everywhere and cheap.

Bob's Big Boy for Marshall down in Manila.

Mad Dogs MC's bar in Makati the "Handle Bar". Pretty kick ass place. Great hospitality from the MDMC and they cook a pretty good raw steak for me. I told them to just warm up a raw steak and by God they did. Awesome!

Painting of the Handle Bar in the Handle Bar.

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Blaine said...

Imagine the hell I went through being stationed there for 4 years