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Sunday, February 22, 2009

13 Rebels

Back in the day before the Boozefighters came into being our great founder Wino Willy Forkner was a member of the 13 Rebels to where they booted him out for getting drunk, crashing thru a fence and joining in a race at an AMA event before he ate it in a crash.

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Two Buck - BFMC 101 said...

Do you know if Wino's in that picture?

Wrenchbender said...

No this was taken in the later 40's after the Boozefighters were established.

Shellback21 said...

"ER: I've heard stories about that gate-crashing incident. Weren't you banned by the AMA over that?
WW: No, not as an individual member. But after the reprimand I got from the 13 Rebels, I said fuck it, I'll just quit and we'll start another club. So me and a few other disgruntled members fired up the Boozefighters..."
-Excerpt from old Easyriders interview with Wino.