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Friday, September 12, 2008

More shit that I dig....

Thru time. OK, I'm posting pics of Sinners bikes but you won't find a group of brothers around that has badder bikes in one place.

Alternator Shovel.


Generator Shovel

And last but certainly not least and my favorite is Danny Takahashi's knuck.

I'm at the point of breakdown over here not being able to have more than a bike and a car by US Forces Korea's regulation. I could have more under the Korean system but then I'd end up paying tax thru the nose importing a bike or parts and building another bike and then road tax every six months. The korean government inspection isn't as onerous as the Japanese JCI inspections but it can be a pain in the ass, especially if it's a chopped bike. Chopping a stock bike is technically illegal here and can get you in some hot water. Bison choppers here has just now gotten to the point where the gov't will let them put VIN's on the frames they make from scratch but still is a long drawn out process. Besides all the frames they make are fat tire softail abortions, I don't knock them on anything else but they make what they make and the koreans like that style, riding on 300 to 360mm beach ball garbage wagons.

Oh well, such is life...

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