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Thursday, July 10, 2008

New loudness

Picked up some Paughco drags on Ebay last week. They sound awesome, when you let of the throttle they sound like a jake brake on a big diesel truck just barking away. I'm gonna have to make more changes to the bike since the springer is torture here riding around Korea. The roads are rough to say the least. They'll pave a road nice and flat and then tear it up a week later by digging it up and not backfilling it properly or even lay a correct road bed. I also have problems getting a brake to work right on the springer since it isn't strong enough to hold the brake to keep it from flexing and warping the rotor. Running without a front brake here is not an option. So this Friday I'll take some measurements to go back to a hydraulic front end. I think I'll go back to drag bars too.

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