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Monday, July 7, 2008

Camp Humphreys 4th of July Freedom Fest

The Freedom Fest Ride and show was a fundraiser for the US Army Motorcycle Mentorship Program. We had a good turnout of clubs and independants between The Hump and Yongsan. Much thanks go out to SBU, Yongsan Road Dragons and Rough Riders MC.

Colleen (Prospect Randy's Daughter) and I getting ready to line up at the front.

The cops and I talking about my cop bike.

The womerns at the booth. L to R: Linda (My womerns), Sundee (Brother Jon's wife), Jovi (Prospect Shaggy's wife), Christine (Prospect Randy's wife)and Dee Dee (Brother Scott's wife).

My ratty cop bike won ugliest bike there but the best went to some easter egg paint job softail instead of my sporty chopper. Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

I had a good time at the 4th of july event and the route and support during the ride was fantastic. I enjoy riding the roads around CP humphrey's better than the ones up here in Seoul area. I think I past by Bison Choppers last weekend when I was out could you tell me exactly where their located? Thanks

Wrenchbender said...

Right off of hwy 1 just south of Songtan. Between the outlet mall and the Purina feed mill there's a bridge. Go up that bridge and on the other side tuen left and under and the shop is a 1/2 mile up the road on the left.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the directions I might go by there this weekend I like the hardtail bike pictures you"ve posted. Be safe