A tale of a Boozefighter's former adventures in jackassery in The Land of the Moaning Clam and new adventures back in the Lone Star State and Beyond to the Desert wastes of the Stan's of the world back to the Land of the Moaning Clam and who knows where else to inculde By God Texas and the whatnot! And Shit!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bow to the awesomeness of my Hyosung...

Rattle trap one lunger of annoyingness. I sound like I'm hauling ass at 130 mph but I'm only doing 50 at top speed screaming down the road. It was a gift from some friends in Red Horse here at Osan AB who had some free time on their hands and had to get rid of it. So they gave it to me in hopes of finding a good home for it.




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