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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'll take what's behind door number 1

I've been looking for a cool bike for when I get back home to the states for a while. I left my Sporty chopper back in Korea at first because of Korean DMV issues about shipping it out because I registered it in my wife's name and they wouldn't let me deregister it without a power of attourney. I left it in the hands of my brothers until I could get a POA for them and send it back to the states once I got everything set but it so happens Linda was hired back there as a Safety Specialist.

So I've been scouring Craigslist for something cool in Texas, Illinois, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia and came across fellow Quad Cam Bastard forum member Matt Tobias who's selling his latest EVO Big Twin wonder creation. I really didn't want to have another project because when I get home I'll have more important stuff on my plate and limited time and I wanted to maximize riding and fun instead of wrenching and chopping. So now I'll leave Afghanistan in October, fly to Korea to visit my wife for a week or two and then go back to Chicago and pick up my truck from my Dad. Drive out to Arizona shake the hand and give a manhug to a long time Sportster Chopping Bastard fellow degenerate and take her to her new home in Texas. Next on the plate is selling the 2009 FLHTCUI two wheeled minivan when I get home.




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J-Rod said...

Always liked where that bike went, but never did like the tank.

Beaner said...

I think a repaint of green scallops and white base would make it look better Dawg. I just wish I had time to ride it from AZ to TX then to AL and GA to see the Haints and get you to meet me to drink some beer and eat Jagershnitzle up in Helen, GA while we tear up the Mountains.

J-Rod said...

I'm down. Get your ass out this way.

Johnny Wolf said...

Congrats Bean, glad to see the bike ended up staying in the family.