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Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Sunday ride with Linda

After getting up this morning we ate brekfast at he VFW and had it in our heads to ride up to HongCheon to go eat wild boar meat at a certain place that is my most favorite pig joint in the whole of planet Earff... A little bit of sprinkles nixed that idea for Linda ( I can ride in the rain) so we hung at Bones' house with him at his Tikki Bar for a while drinking a few beers and bullshitting after running over to the Tattoo joint in town to get Mr. Kim to draw up another tattoo to ink on me.

We left and she decided she was hungry again and I just wanted to ride since it's her and I and everyone else was laying low for the day. So we head on down past our house and into Asan city to shoot down Hwy 39 and into the mountains. After a couple of hours we stopped at this joint near a mountain pass to get some grub and the joint was cool and outside. It had a little stream running down the center of it with tents covering the tables to keep the rain ad sun and various things from the trees falling into the place.




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