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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Green Weenie is alive again.

Finally got it done! I took it out on the road between Songtan and Geodok and that Andrews N4 cams with those 1200 cc valves in the little 883 cc heads makes it a fast monster. It sounds and acts like it means business. I nearly lost my hat screaming like a little girl trying to keep my boner out of my face riding it. Now all I need to do is take it out to Bison Choppers tomorrow to get them to cut some more spacers for the front wheel to install my GMA springer brake. The adapter plate with the stock brake didn't work worth a damn. The rotor would flex and unseat the pucks and lock up while going down the road. Scarry shit! It happened once at 70 mph and I have no idea how I kept it up.



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