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Saturday, May 31, 2008

And now a philosophy lesson from Cowboy BFMC 21

There are three basic types of clubs. The 1-piece patch clubs are primarily corporate sponsored, clubs like H.O.G. Chapters. The requirements for these types of clubs are simple, you buy a bike, you buy a patch, you pay your dues, and you go on rides. The 2-piece clubs are of a little different breed of biker, stuck somewhere in a foggy limbo between the 1-piece and the 3-piece clubs. The 2-piece clubs usually consist of people of the same occupations or church groups, things like that. With the incorporation of fines and stricter club by-laws the 2-piece clubs are a little more “old school” than the 1-piece. As far as law enforcement is concerned, the 3-piece patch signifies an “OUTLAW BIKER”. It’s important to understand that the people who wear these patches live in a totally different world from that of all the other types of clubs.
The 3-piece is the most demanding, time consuming, expensive and dangerous of all. Like other more well known clubs, the Boozefighters have never considered ourselves outlaw bikers or gang members but, no matter how we look at ourselves, we are still under the same strict guidelines and must survive in an outlaw subculture where respect and protocol is everything! One wrong word, one wrong move or even the wrong look at the wrong time can literally and instantly cost you your life, and possibly the lives of fellow club members…AND THAT’S NO BULLSHIT!!!!! …
. A clubs colors are, a reflection of who they are.
Unlike the members of other types of clubs we must realize that our clubs patch is far more than just an article of clothing it’s sacred. Our clubs patch is far more than a statement it’s our flag. A statement and a flag that all club members must be willing to defended to the death, that’s why we wear it.
Any group or club can come up with a clever, cute or ominous sounding name and get some cloth sewn into the idea. But what they don’t realize is, a seamstress can’t create what they’re trying to achieve, only a long history of respect, dedication to each other and years of riding within a brotherhood like the Boozefighters can any club achieve that.
The 3 piece patches of the old, long established clubs, clubs with legacy and history, like the Boozefighters, command a well-earned respect from most clubs. Unfortunately there are other clubs that consider the same notoriety we enjoy as target to make a name for themselves. These are usually smaller clubs with little notoriety of their own that feel they need to somehow generate respect from the biker community by standing up to the older, more respected clubs…
Recognition and seniority in this life style, not only carry great weight, but a huge also responsibility, a responsibility that anyone who wears colors must never lose site of. Your life, as you know it, changes completely and forever once you put on the patch of a motorcycle club like ours but of course that’s why the 3-piece patch has always been an outward sign of a man’s true inner spirit. An inner spirit that only gets richer and stronger with time compelling its members, without hesitation, to be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for each other and their patch. Be careful what you wish for!!!!!


Rich said...

Pretty much sums it all up right there.

Anonymous said...

Do you have willy measuring competitions too?