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Monday, March 17, 2008

Tales of puttering around...

Well, today I took off for a putt with my bros from a different mother from the Rough Riders MC. When I showed at breakfast at Mickey D's I was informed that I was the impromptu Road Captain for the ride. Thanks a lot for picking me when y'all are the ones asking me if I wanted to ride with you.

So with the power vested in me by mob rule I decreed we ride to Woraksan National Park. What a beautiful day out too. The axiom "I'd rather be out riding my bike on a Sunday thinking about God's creation than sitting in a church thinking about my bike" never held more truth.

Being the speed demon I am I blindly blasted away like we as a club (the Freedom Riders MC) ride I kept leaving everyone behind. They normally keep a pace around 60 mph which is way too slow for me. I treat the Doughnut Roller (my Electraglide) like a piston engine aircraft, set cruise power at anywhere from 3,250 to 4,000 rpm (70 to 90mph) on the open roads. I use the tachometer since my bikes speedo sheath eats up cables as fast as I put them in and it's hard to find another one so I just give up and use engine speed to gauge my terminal velocity since I've already checked it out on GPS.

Doug was riding #2 slot as the safety man and because he rides a Heritage softail that scrapes in the cruves. I spent most of the day tooting along like an old granny looking thru the steering wheel of her caddy land yacht letting them keep their pace. It wasn't until Cloyd got bored riding tail gunner position on his Ultra Classic Electraglide on the way home that we opened it up racing on what little twisties there were left before he hit the super slab of hwy 38 to go home. Then miraculously we all opened it up and I can ride like I really like to.

Eventhough I dressed warm I still had a slight bit of hypothermia when I got home. I think it was the seat being wet from the rain 2 nights before. Assless chaps don't help in the wet or frozen seat department since it went immediately into my jeans.

All in all it was a good day and a slight bit better with the little warmth we had than the usuall freakin' cold winter riding that I'm too stupid to stay away from.

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