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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Finally done! But not yet...

Well, it was a little harry but the front brake is sticking now and locked up once at speed and once stopping at a light. The one at speed was this afternoon going to work and that shit scared the bejeebus out of my ass. I kept her up skidding and hopping down the road. Once I stopped I kinda scratched my head after I regained rational thought and hmm good thing I had a cresent wrench in the pocket... I don't know why I had it but I did and glad too. I cracked her open and Shprrz! Brake fluid shot out in a stream at high pressure. I noticed the Brake handle isn't moving much now, I guess it needs a rebuild on the caliper and on the master cylinder... Oh and as you can tell I have a slight oil blow-off problem now. The whole rear end of the bike is covered in oil. Gotta find that one too.

Sweet Flatty at yokohama

Kick ass Sporty at Cool Breakers

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